A Network of Support & Continuity

To meet the needs of immigrants in the Regional South, three non-profit immigration legal service providers partnered to form a coalition called Welcome South.

It was designed to encourage agencies across the region to communicate, coordinate and collaborate in a holistic approach to the representation of a person throughout their immigration case life cycle.

Welcome South is working to provide a network of support and continuity of representation, pulling together disparate resources to increase our capacity for legal service throughout the region.

A Platform to Serve

Welcome South has developed an online platform through Innovation Law Lab to facilitate cross-sector referrals from social service agencies to our legal programs, between our programs, to pro bono counsel and to other legal programs across the country.

This online portal helps solve problems created by distance and service gaps.

With this platform, the case travels with the client if they are detained, once they are released, or if they move to a different town or across the country. It also increases the efficiency, and thus the capacity of our organizations to serve clients.

Propelling Strategy
Through Partnership

We envision Welcome South integrating additional partnerships to grow a strong and healthy ecosystem of legal and social services for immigrants throughout our region with the core group of three organizations propelling legal strategy for economy of scale representation.

We will be incrementally increasing our capacity as we manage our nascent online platform, supervise legal work, recruit, coordinate and mentor volunteers, and collect data for future litigation.